Neelesh Alwani

Born and raised in the jewelry business, Neel Alwani was destined to become an innovator and leader in the business world. His father, a successful jeweler and entrepreneur, taught him the importance of hard work and integrity at an early age.

It was during this time that Neel discovered his passion for watches. He loved the intricate design and craftsmanship that went into each timepiece, and he soon realized that he had a talent for the business. He understood what clients wanted and needed, and he was able to build trust and rapport with them easily. A graduate of the prestigious Drexel University in 2017, Neel’s penchant for luxury timepieces and mind for business drove him to launch his first business.

Proud But Never Satisfied

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In September 2018, Neel founded Timepiece Trading, a company specializing in luxury watches and high-end timepieces. Quickly establishing himself as a trusted authority in the field, the business soon became one of the leading retailers of Richard Mille, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, and Rolex watches worldwide. Known for their expertise, quality, and unwavering commitment to creating an exceptional experience for each client they served, Neel was soon recognized as one of the most exciting young business leaders in the industry.

In his most recent venture launched in September 2022, TPT Foreigns, Neel shifted his focus to another one of his great passions: Exotic, Luxury, and Rare Automotives. As an automotive enhancement company focused on delivering aesthetic improvements for high-end vehicles, TPT Foreigns has become one of the most trusted names in the automotive industry with astonishing speed.

His intrinsic integrity and service-oriented approach to business continue to set Neel apart from other luxury brands. By only working with brands and partners he trusts and believes in, he has built trust and rapport with clients often lacking in modern business. His passion for watches, automobiles, and services, along with his natural business acumen, have made him one of the world’s most successful CEOs under the age of 30.